Process and System Modelling

Deformation Mechanics

Sheet Forming Analytical techniques Plasticity theory
Deep Drawing/Spinning Thermomechanical modelling Constitutive models
Flow Turning/Stretch Forming Finite-Element methods Defects and damage/Formability
Fluid and Hydro-Forming Boundary-Element methods Anisotropy
Cutting Finite-Difference methods Microstructural models
Forging, Rotary Forging Implicit Friction and lubrication
Rolling Explicit formulations Heat transfer
Tube Forming Multiscale modelling Materials
Extrusion Inverse problems Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals
Wire and Tube Drawing CAD/CAM/CAE systems High performance metals
High Energy & Explosive Forming Neural Network modelling Porous metals
Powder Forming Knowledge-Based systems Composites
Mushy State Forming Cellular Automata modelling Semi-Solid metals
Hot, Warm and Cold Processes Optimisation systems Nano materials
Super-Plastic Forming Manufacturing Methods  
Micro- and Nano- Forming Control of forming processes  
Multi-Material Forming Industrial case studies  
Incremental Forming Environmental issues